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Sometimes it seems like nothing goes right for us.

Irene's friend collapsed at a lesbian bar in Montrose, and ended up in the hospital. After some investigation, we found out it was a vampire. So we started looking for the "monster" that did that to Nina.

What we found was a poor, confused lady who hadn't asked to be turned into a vampire, didn't know what the hell was going on, and only just barely kept herself from attacking Irene. What made it even worse was that it was Yvonne Westergaard, the one we tried to save from being abandoned by Christine Logan.

We tried to find out if there was a way to save her, but the elders said the only way to do that was to give her a quick and merciful death. It was worse than when we had to put Muffin to sleep when I was little - at least it was quick, and she didn't feel anything. That didn't make it suck any less, though.

Aidan told me a while back that being one of Gaia's Chosen sometimes means having to make hard choices - I think I understand what he meant by that a little better now.

On a brighter note, we have four new cubs at the sept - three girls and a boy. They're going to get trained, and then sent on their Rite of Passage, just like we were a couple of years ago. It seems so long ago now.

No matter what i do, I can't get the thought of what we had to do out of my head. I feel like Hikaru must have at the end of Magic Knight Rayearth...maybe we did the right thing, but it doesn't make it hurt any less.

I think I want to go find Dylan and hold him and not let go for a while....

Psi-Con - the hotel

((This takes place before the August 16 game session.))

Emi slips the headband on over her pink wig and ties it securely. **This is gonna be so much fun!**

She puts her camera, key card, wallet and cell phone in a Sakura Wars messenger bag; slinging it over her shoulder, she bounces over to the adjoining door in the suite. **Good thing we booked early - we were lucky to get this place.**

She raps a rhythm out on the door. "Henry? Eric? Are you guys ready yet? Kathleen and Dylan are probably already downstairs, and Aidan and Mr. Frost are waiting outside."

((Edited to fix a typo.))

Even when we win, we lose

(Emi's impression of the story ending with the July 5, 2008 session)

So even when we win, we lose.

We managed to save Yolanda Valdez's baby, but not Yolanda. Of course, she did gut-stab Shadows, so maybe she wasn't able to be saved anyway, but it still sucks that she had to die. And now that poor little boy is an orphan, and it's kinda our fault.

Gaia, this sucks. I remember listening to all the stories Aidan and Fireheart-rhya were telling me back when I was still learning, and it seemed like it'd be, I dunno, more like, glorious battle and that sort of stuff.

No one ever told me there'd be orphaned kids because of something we did. I mean, how can I put a good spin on that? "We killed the baby's father and then his mama when she was gonna go over to the other side...." Yeah, that's real heroic.

I think I want to go find Dylan and hold him and not let go for a while. Maybe then I can get the thoughts of that poor little baby out of my head.

Good news and bad news

So, there's good news and bad news.

The good news is, David's going to be a dad.

The bad news is, we might all be dead this time tomorrow.

No one ever said that being one of the Chosen People was going to be easy.

I've gonna have to talk to Mr. Frost, Ms. Sakuradai and Officer O'Donnal - if I don't come back from the mission to Melrose, I want Mom and Dad to know that I love them. Not to mention Dylan.

The whole thing might seem like a suicide mission, but hey, I'm from a people that does that sorta thing by trade. Kamikaze, anybody? And if there's even a chance this might work, we have to try. You don't just leave a little kid in those kinds of circumstances.

If anyone finds this entry after I'm gone, tell my parents and Dylan that I love them, and I don't want to hurt them, but sometimes you have to bite the bullet and do what's right. Even if it means you don't come back.

I just hope they can forgive me if that's what happens. Gaia, keep me strong.

A chat with Raccoon (Summoning)

Emi reaches the top of the Hill and sits down to rest on a convenient rock to wait for Henry. She pulls a paper bag from her backpack and looks inside. **Fish, eggs, and nuts. I hope there's something in here that'll work. Do Raccoon spirits eat the same things real raccoons do, I wonder? Guess I'll find out.**


So, as much as I love Mercedes Lackey's SERRAted Edge series, she was apparently way off about the Fair Folk. They're not nice. Not at all.

Of course, I guess I should have expected that after what I heard from Mrs. O'Donnal - Fireheart-rhya to the People. The story of Lady Isabel and the Elf-Knight still sends chills up my spine when I think about it. And then there's the whole tithe to Hell thing being true, and Shadows almost being it - *shudders*

Maybe I should start at the beginning.... A bunch of people from up on the Hill threw David a surprise party at O'Callahan's because of his promotion (which reminds me - I should ask him if we need to start calling him "Rhya" now or not). Everything went off really good, until the guitarist from "Nightmares Have Children" showed up and started being a major downer because one of his friends was sleeping with one of the new band members...or something. I wasn't really paying much attention until he spotted Aidan and started yelling at him. I mean, seriously, double-yoo tee eff? From what I got out of it, they used to go together in college. I didn't think the emo sort was Aidan's type, but maybe he had different tastes back in college. Maybe that was before he met Mr. Frost and Miss Sakuradai?

Luckily for the guitarist, David got him out of the pub before he said something he would have really regretted. I mean, Aidan was keeping his cool pretty well, but even I know that there's only so far you can push one of us before things get bloody, and the emo guitarist wasn't gonna shut up. Anyways, David got him out of the pub and then things lightened up again.

The next day, we learned that one of the Kin was missing. Alarm bells went off, especially when you consider what's been going on lately. So we went looking for her while Aidan, Officer O'Donnal, and Detective Hunter took care of things on the mundane end.

Henry and Shadows used the pendulum thingie to try to locate Maggie Brennan, and both of them led us to Woodbourne Forest, where we found a ring of stones with a ring of mushrooms inside it. This apparently jived with something David found out from one of the other Kin, and when Henry took a peek at it from the Other Side, it was full of these crazy Wyld spirits. He also found a trail of something that smelled like flowers. We followed that to a vacation cabin, which Henry and Irene said looked more like an English manor house in the Umbra. Weird, huh?

So we knocked on the door, and a big guy, like as big as Mr. Eriksen, answered the door. He introduced us to the lady of the house, whose name was Alanna. Henry went in on four feet, and who should appear but Maggie Brennan, dressed up in this little French maid outfit and pushing one of those old-fashioned tea carts - it even had those itty-bitty sandwiches with the crusts cut off.

David talked to Alanna, and told her we were taking Maggie back home, but he'd let one of us stay with them as a goodwill gesture. I was all set to do it, and even volunteered, but Shadows shouted down me and Irene until he got to be the one to stay. Where does he get off, anyway? Like I said to him, I'm a Moon Dancer - I live for this sort of thing.

So we took Maggie back to her family, and went to report in on the Hill. Binds-the-Fires-rhya looked ready to spit nails when David told him there were fairies around, and that crazy Mrs. MacTaggart was the one who was in good with them.

At least Shadows was passing stuff along via the totem-phone and David made sure that Irene was there to watch his back. After a while, Irene told us that there was a big guy outside of the cabin sharpening a great big silver ax, and a woman throwing around silver knives. Then Shadows told us that the fairies needed someone every seven years to pay a "tiende" (spelling?). David had me call up Fireheart-rhya to find out what the "tiende' was. By thid time we were there, so we spread out and I got out my bow.

The next thing i know, all hell broke loose. There was a big fight between the pack and the fair folk - I managed to put an arrow in the dark-skinned one who was throwing knives, but I guess David and Shadows got the worst of things, 'cause when we regrouped afterwards they were bleeding, but I didn't know that until later. While I was playing sniper, Fireheart-rhya called me and told me that the "tiende" was some sort of ritual sacrifice - the fairies used someone as a sort of tithe to hell. I managed to get that info to the rest of the pack, and they fought their way out of there; we barely managed to get out of there ahead of whatever the fairies were summoning.

After we helaed up him and David, Shadows started yelling at David - something about having broken his word, and that we should go back. Again, double-yoo tee eff? Did he not realize that those people were trying to send him to hell? Not to mention it's bad form to start yelling at the guy who saved your sorry butt and almost got killed doing it!

So Shadows ran back anyway, and Henry took off after him to keep him out of trouble. The rest of us brought up the rear, and found the fairies looking normal and lying on some scorched grass, but they were all AWOL - the lights were on, I guess, but no one was home. No sign of the manor house, either.

So I guess I can put the SERRAted Edge and Bedlam's Bard books down as pure fantasy. It sort of stinks, because I used to think that it would be really cool to meet some elves. At least I know better now.

[Emi's blog]: The End of the World

It's kind of scary, sometimes, thinking about the End of the World. If what David says is right, then we're not only all going to be gone, but so is everything else.

The best we can hope for is that the things we're protecting will still be around, but we won't.

I don't know if I can accept that. I don't know if I want to accept it.

Henry said he's working out some contingency plans, but I wonder if they'll work at all, considering what we're up against. If what David and the elders say is true, then maybe not. Shit.

Then again, in every anime series I've seen, things always have to go to hell before they can get better. It happened in My-Hime, it happened in Magic Knight Rayearth, it happened in Prétear and Bishoujo Senshi SailorMoon. Sorcerer Hunters, too. So maybe, if we're lucky, the End won't be The End, if we can all work together.

Now we just have to figure out how to get us to all work together....

Road trip - blasting off to Psi-Con

((This scene takes place in the three weeks of downtime after the August 18 session.))

Staked out in front of the window, her duffel bag, garment bag and backpack lying on the couch, Emi bounces excitedly on the balls of her feet as she watches the street in front of her house.

**I can't wait until they get here - this is going to be SO much fun!**

She double-checks her backpack. **Confirmation info, check. Emergency contact info, check. Stuff to get autographed, check. Snacks, check....**

A familiar-looking passenger van pulls into the driveway, its horn beeping once. **They're here!** She hurriedly zips up the backpack and all but explodes out of the front door, waving exuberantly. "Hi, guys!"

August 4 session - Emi's impressions

Dylan got attacked by a vampire! He was in the library at Whiteoak and she got him!

The lucky thing is, he's going to be okay. He's in the hospital, but he's going to be okay. And we took care of the vampires, so there won't be any more of the bastards. And I made sure the bitch that got my boyfriend is so much hamburger. Take that!

Henry was so cool! During the fight, he turned this big Italian-looking vamp into confetti! The vamp got some licks in, though - poor Henry's still got the scars. Oh, well, maybe he can convince Kathleen and Abby O'Rourke that scars are hot-looking. =)

Lian's house is going to be finished soon! It's good to see her be happy - I think it's the first time I've seen her smile, like, ever.

On the downside, Aidan's been prickly after what happened to Dylan. He's also apparently not thrilled about the new guy in town - Iain something-or-other. I'm not really sure why. *shrugs*

Okay...finish homework, and then see if I can get in to visit Dylan. I made some origami bunnies for him - maybe it'll cheer him up.


((OOC: This entry fits between the April 7 and April 21 game sessions.))

I am so mad I could spit!

This skanky bitch from Newark tried to put the moves on Dylan! Yeah, my Dylan! I really wanted to tear her apart, but David got her away from me, dammit.

If she so much as lays a finger on my boyfriend, I'm going to rip her apart, and leave the pieces from here to Philly!

To make matters worse, Dylan and I were all set to do It during the shindig up on the Hill when someone decided to check if the bushes were empty. I was still up to it, but being discovered just killed the mood for The Boy. *sighs* Maybe Aidan's right - he's way too repressed for his own good.

Maybe I should talk to Henry and Kathleen, and see if they can give me some pointers for getting Dylan to relax....